Photostory #368: Canadian Mineral Industry Adds Exciting Chapter: Timmins, Ontario - Boom Town '64

Don Ashley
National Film Board of Canada
Release Date
July 12, 1964
CMCP fonds
Credit Line
Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography fonds, National Gallery of Canada Library and Archives
Main Text
Reverberating with shockwave intensity through mining circles and stock markets around the world, the discovery of new riches in the Timmins area of Ontario is adding yet another chapter to the dramatic epic of Canadian mining. For more than a century across the rugged landscape of a giant land the fabulous story of hardship and toil, heart-break and jubilation, which underlies the discovery and development of Canadian mineral deposits has captured the imagination of adventurous men. Even cold economic facts that show mineral production brings the nation $3,000,000,000 annually and that a third of the value of all exports comes from goods of mineral origin can only add to the glamour of probing for hidden wealth. Already, the copper-zinc-silver discovery that drew a flood of people from across Canada and around the world to Timmins has been doubled in estimated value, sending the original excitement and energy surging still higher. Drill rigs rising with fresh impetus to pin down vast new ore deposits, the drone of aircraft carrying geophysical-detection instruments, the clattering rotors of swarms of helicopters, the rush at the mining recorder's office, the crowded hotels, stores and business offices, the urgent ring of axes blazing marks in the forests depths - these form the background to one of the most thrilling shows on earth. Timmins, an example of the massive resources which have enabled the nation to triple mineral production in a dozen years, proves that Canada is one place where the romance of the Klondike can still be enjoyed.