Photostory #389A: Research and Development Grows in Canada

Ted Grant
National Film Board of Canada
Release Date
May 4, 1965
CMCP fonds
Credit Line
Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography fonds, National Gallery of Canada Library and Archives
Main Text
Emerging as one of the leading industrial nations of the world, Canada is embarked on a new era of research and development. Following the vigorous example of government research programs, private industry across the country is meeting the challenge of intense global competition in the manufacture of ultra-modern products by stepping up its own scientific and technological studies. With vast natural wealth spread over a massive country inhabited by a comparatively small population, Canada in recent years has been the scene of a great changeover from supplier of raw materials to a big exporter of sophisticated goods. Now, as the avenues of science open up further myriads of possibilities and technology keeps but a pace behind with new demands and developments, Canadian industry is looking ahead to a future based on a strong national foundation of knowledge. Major factor in keeping Canada in the forefront of the space-age world is a stimulating surge of new growth in the scientific and technological facilities of the nation's universities. From these expanding laboratories of education will come a quickening flood of scientific brain power to man the new centres of industrial research across the country. In turn, from their work will come the knowledge for industrial production which will maintain Canada's economic prosperity in the amazingly complex world of the future.