Photostory #419A: Canada's Cosmopolitan City of Life and Laughter: Montreal -- Where Many Worlds Meet

Pierre Gaudard , John Max
National Film Board of Canada
Release Date
June 21, 1966
CMCP fonds
Credit Line
Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography fonds, National Gallery of Canada Library and Archives
Main Text
With the vibrancy and vigor of the new world taking exciting new shapes under the captivating influence of centuries-old Gallic charm, Canada's largest city is ready to entice away the hearts of visitors from around the world. Montreal, where are gathered two and a half million multilingual citizens, 4,000 restaurants, glittering skyscrapers, hundreds of nightclubs, a variety of cultures garnered from the four corners of the earth plus a universal zest for life, is today a glamorous city of modern wonders and progress. Spread over 60 square miles bordering the wide and busy historic St. Lawrence River, this modern metropolis thrives rich from massive industries and businesses and its prominence as the centre of transportation and communication for a vast area of North America. With the greatest world's fair the globe has ever known taking wondrous shape for 1967 at its very doorstep, the fabled city of Montreal is afire with even added vivacity and vitality. Yet, though all is ready to welcome millions of visitors to Expo '67 next year, Montreal's zestful life carries on in high gear today as always, its pulsating, spontaneous gaiety irrepressible, uncontrolled by planned events, just enhanced, its doors of welcome gladly pushed open the last remaining inch. For Montreal has ever been a city of romance and enchantment, a sparkling metropolis of entertainment, culture and cosmopolitan sophistication. Fine restaurants and salons, nightclubs and subtle rendezvous, boutiques and art galleries, elegant shops and intriguing delicatessens, brash salons-bars and intimate bistros -all these spice an atmosphere made entrancing by the people of the town. Montreal, well-versed in the age-old art of unreserved hospitality, will next year captivate many newcomers with its inherent laughter, endear itself again to many long-time friends.