Photostory #461A: Manitoba's Modern Mosaic

Chris Lund , George Hunter
National Film Board of Canada
Release Date
January 30, 1968
CMCP fonds
Credit Line
Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography fonds, National Gallery of Canada Library and Archives
Main Text
Canada's big central province has everything. Rich, fertile southern prairie lands where the world's finest hard wheat grows abundantly, a pulsating metropolitan centre where entertainment, business, manufacturing and the fine arts flourish vigorously and a vast sprawling northern wilderness rich in a variety of natural resources. Add to this a 400-mile saltwater coastline and deep-sea port on Hudson Bay (a geographical feature fast-drawing attention to itself as a region of exciting future development), a freshwater lake larger than Israel and a million-strong population drawn from the races of the world and this vibrant province gives promise of a formidable future in tomorrow's world. Manitoba industry, spurred on by newly-harnessed sources of power, is growing apace. Scientific rockets capable of punching up hundreds of miles into space, complex electronic medical equipment, ingenious agricultural machinery, smartly-styled garments, steel making, oil and cement production - these are but some of the commercial facets of this modern province. Also enclosed by Manitoba's broad physical frontiers and imaginative outlook are such diversified activities as a large self-contained nuclear research station, the famed Royal Winnipeg Ballet, vast metal mining operations (which include important deposits of such futuristic metals as cesium) and lumber, fur and fishing industries. Behind all this present prosperity and future potential wealth are the people of Manitoba. With educational facilities second to none and a high average living standard, the predominantly young population, reinforced by a steady flow of newcomers from other lands, will in their turn be even more capable of fully developing their magnificent province. Surrounded by exciting new challenges in all fields of endeavor they will lead busy rewarding lives. For them will be the opportunity of sharing in scientific and industrial accomplishments and also the chance of savoring the wilderness areas of forest and streams, lakes and quiet valleys where the unspoilt wonder of nature can be calmly enjoyed. Canada's fine 251,000-square-mile province of Manitoba is indeed a place for living and growing tall.