About Photostories

Photostories Canada is a searchable resource of over 800 photostories created between 1955 and 1971 by the National Film Board of Canada’s Still Photography Division. 

A photostory combines images and text to tell a story. For the Still Photography Division, the focus of the story was Canada. 

Through photographs and photostories, a portrait of nationhood was created and promoted within Canada and abroad. Photographers were hired and commissioned to crisscross the country in search of images, while text and layout were completed by staff in Ottawa.  

Photostories contain wonderful stories about Canada, its people and its achievements. They were published in Canadian and international newspapers, magazines and publications and reached a wide audience. Crafted to fulfil the Division’s mandate to interpret Canada to all Canadians, they also represent the language, perspectives – and biases – of their time. 

In my eyes, working for the National Film Board was just like working for Life Magazine. I mean NFB, you couldn’t work in this country for anybody better. For me, it was a real big feather in my cap. 

-Ted Grant, Photographer