Photostory #371: Per-Capita Leader of Heavyweight Exporters-Importers: Canada Among World's Top Six Trading Nations

Gar Lunney , Chris Lund , John Ough
National Film Board of Canada
Release Date
August 25, 1964
CMCP fonds
Credit Line
Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography fonds, National Gallery of Canada Library and Archives
Main Text
Leading the world's top half-dozen trading nations on a per-capita basis (last year's imports of $6,600,000,000 were balanced by exports of $6,800,000,000), Canada's vigorous dealings in the field of international supply and demand portray an array of fascinating facts. Bikinis from France, bicycles from Poland and bubblegum from Israel are traded for fruit pies for Britain, spaghetti for Trinidad and pickles for Denmark. Autos from England, oil from Arabia and sporting rifles from Red China are paid for by steel to Germany, electronic instruments to Switzerland, locomotives to the Argentine. With less than 20 million Canadians sharing this enormous amount of world trade, the per-capita figure for the nation leads the next best - among the world's heavyweight trading nations - by 50 per cent, most other big-volume trading nations by 100 per cent. Such a growing mass of imports and exports makes Canada increasingly important to the buyers and sellers who trade and do business in the market places of the modern world.