Photostory #394: Drawing Canada's Largest Crowds: Sports-Car Racing Goes Full Throttle

Karl Sommerer , André Sima
National Film Board of Canada
Release Date
July 13, 1965
CMCP fonds
Credit Line
Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography fonds, National Gallery of Canada Library and Archives
Main Text
Flashing into lead position in the field of Canada's big-time spectator sports is car racing. Drawing crowds of up to 60,000 (bigger than those for any other sport) the eye-and-ear-catching, colorful and reverberating spectacle of high-powered race cars, driven by renowned competitors from around the world, is the big attraction at tracks near Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. First Canadian circuit specially built for modern racing-car events was Westwood (1.8 miles around) on the West Coast in 1959, followed by Mosport (2.5 miles) near Toronto two years later, and just last year by the track at Mont Tremblant (1.6 miles), 100 miles north of Montreal. With five big international races being held in Canada this year, including the Canadian Grand Prix at Mosport in September, Canadians will be able to see more world-class drivers at work than ever, see the nation's car-racing enthusiasts move closer toward participation in the magical zone of world championship.