Photostory # 59: Lighthouses Form Safety Network

Gar Lunney , Herb Taylor
National Film Board of Canada
Release Date
June 19, 1956
CMCP fonds
Credit Line
Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography fonds, National Gallery of Canada Library and Archives
Main Text
Lighthouse keepers are a breed apart. In Canada, living on the bleak isolated stations that guard the shipping lanes of a vast trade with the world, they seldom see visitors, rarely leave their lights. They and their families learn to accept a loneliness known only to others of their kind. These lighthouses are part of the federal Department of Transport's vast network of light stations, fog alarms and bobbing buoys that steer shipping safely around Canada's treacherous coast line. Joseph Mitchell, keeper of the St. Paul's Island light, in the Bay of Fundy, uses an aerial cable car to bring his children to the main island.